Auxiliary EMS Services

Disaster Medical Specialist

Nash County EMS has a team of trained Disaster Medical Specialist with the knowledge and skills to perform medical assessments and treatments at various disaster events, which meets or exceeds the Urban Search and Rescue (USR) requirements, set forth by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


  • Confined Space Medicine
  • Crush Syndrome & IED Blast Injuries
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Victim Medical Problems
  • Search Canine Veterinary Care
  • Disaster Triage

Nash Emergency Bike Team

Nash County EMS has paramedics on bikes to assist with large events in the county such as the Nashville Blooming Festival, the Castalia Fourth of July celebration, the Spring Hope Pumpkin Festival, and the Down East Festival. The team consists of four mountain bikes equipped with BLS and ALS equipment. The bike teams are able to respond more efficiently in crowded response areas providing quicker advanced care. Members of the team receive specialized training on advanced bike operations.

State Medical Assistance Team


Nash County EMS hosts a SMAT III team. This team is ready to respond and provide medical assistance to any disaster situation. The SMAT III specializes in the mass medical decontamination and treatment of victims, medical care during technical rescue operations and large event / mass gathering response.

Mass Medical Decontamination

The SMAT III specializes in the decontamination and treatment of victims from a chemical, biological, nuclear, or radiological emergency.

Large Event / Mass Gatherings Response

The SMAT III responds and provides medical care during multiple planned mass gathering events such as the Nashville Blooming Festival, Fourth of July Celebrations, and the Down East Viking Football Classic.