Child Health

Clinical PictureChild Health Clinic

Nash County Health Department serves children of all ages. Emphasis is placed on regular check-ups for children, birth to five years, to help ensure that they are physically and developmentally ready for school. During this clinic, children get physical examinations, immunizations, WIC, a developmental evaluation, and education encouraging healthy habits like checkups, regular teeth brushing, exercise, and healthy snacking.

Physical Exams

Physical exams are provided at regular intervals. At each visit the child is weighed, height is measured, and a nurse asks questions about the child’s health for a medical history. The child is examined to make sure he or she is growing at a normal rate. Blood may be drawn to check iron and lead levels and to rule out diseases like sickle cell. Dental varnishing is provided as needed to prevent dental disease and a dietitian is available to assist families with diet related health issues. Any problems found during an exam are referred for further evaluation or treatment. Many times, early treatment prevents complications.

Primary Care

Clinicians are available to see your child when he or she is sick. Call for an appointment, we can usually see your child that very day.


The shots your child receives during his/her visit are very important. Immunization protects children from deadly diseases like tetanus, measles, and polio. You should get them on time to make them most effective. If your child is sick when it’s time for a shot, be sure to bring him to get the shot as soon as he is well. Most immunizations are free and are provided by appointment for your convenience.

WIC Program

WIC is a special food program you may apply for during your child health clinic visit. Participants receive nutrition education and food coupons for special foods to improve their diets and reduce their chances of health problems. Visit the WIC office at the clinic to see if your child is eligible.

Developmental Evaluation

During some of your child’s physical exams, a nurse will perform a developmental evaluation. This means she may play games with your child to see if he/she is learning and developing at a normal rate. The nurse may ring a bell near the baby’s ear to check hearing, may ask a two year old to stack some blocks, or she may ask a four year old to draw a simple picture. The evaluation will probably be fun for parent and child

Sickle Cell

A sickle cell counselor is at the health department once every month. If you or your child has an abnormal sickle cell trait, she can help you understand how this might affect your child. Please call the child health secretary if you would like an appointment with the counselor.

Care Coordination for Children

Child service coordinators / social workers are available to assist families in locating needed services and in managing special health concerns.

Clinic Fees

Clinic fees are determined by family income. Medicaid, NC Health Choice, and private insurance are all accepted as payment for services. Please bring your Medicaid or insurance card every time you come to the clinic.


  • Make sure your child receives all his/her shots on time.
  • Bring your Medicaid or insurance card every time you visit the health department.
  • Call the child health secretary if you cannot keep an appointment so she can reschedule your child as quickly as possible.
  • Be sure to notify the child health secretary if you move.
  • Your child will also be able to get a kindergarten physical, which is required before he/she enters school.