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Departments & Divisions A – M
9-1-1 Communications
Learn about the emergency communication services.

Discover the officials running Nash County.

Animal Control
Check out this department's efforts to encourage responsible pet ownership and rabies control.

Board of Elections
Find out how this board regulates voting and elections.

Building Inspections
Research the building inspection process for your new development.

Clerk of Court
View information about Nash County District 7A courts.

Cooperative Extension
Peruse details about the cooperative extension partnership with North Carolina State University.

County Ranger
Learn about the forestry preservation and management efforts.

Economic Development
Learn about Nash County's industrial parks and available sites and the Carolinas Gateway Partnership.

Emergency Management
Research the philosophy of managing local and state emergencies.

Emergency Medical Services
Find out about the paramedic response teams.

Emergency Services
See the management of all emergency services in Nash County.

Environmental Health
See how Nash County is making an effort to preserve the environment.

Farmer’s Market
Join farmers at the Rocky Mount Farmers Market for locally grown produce and goods.

Check out the department responsible for handling and maintaining county finances.

Fire Services
View information and details about Nash County's fire-fighting services.

See county maps developed by the Geographic Information System (GIS) department.

Human Resources
Find out how the county is taking care of employees and current job opportunities.

Health Department
Check out the services and programs to keep you healthy.

Information Technology
Learn about the technical staff that keeps the infrastructure running.