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Registered Sex Offenders
North Carolina Sex Offender Registry phone applicationRegistered Sex Offenders in Nash County
As of August 2017, there are 145 registered Sex Offenders living in Nash County. These Sex Offenders have strict rules and guidelines that they must live and abide by once they are put onto the Sex Offender Registry.

Senior Deputy Elizabeth Cahoon is responsible for maintaining and verifying all of the Registered Sex Offenders in Nash County. Deputy Cahoon is responsible for making contact with each of these Offenders at least once every three months, and verifying that they are living where they say there are living, and ensuring that they are complying with the requirements of being a registered sex offender.

To find out where any of these Registered Sex Offenders are living, you may go to the State of North Carolina's Sex Offender Registry webpage. You can also Download the Phone App for your phone.