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Digital Data Costs
Tax Department digital data is available via magnetic media (4mm DAT, 9-Track tape) at this time. Data can be ordered over the phone, and must be followed by a written request. Request will be accepted via FAX and E-mail along with conventional delivery services.

All Tax Department digital data distribution services are billed at $60.00 per hour + media cost. Individuals and companies may provide their own digital media.

Digital Media Cost:

  • 4mm DAT (Digital Audio Tape - 60m, 90m, 125m):  $35.00 each
  • 9-Track Tape:  $30.00 each

Hard copies (available in the form of computer generated printouts and real estate appraisal cards.)
Printouts and appraisal card copies are priced as follows:

  • Printout that does not require database query:  $0.25 per page
  • Printout that does require database query:  $25.00 + $0.25 per page
  • Appraisal Card:  $0.25 per page

Note: Digital data media and Prices are subject to change.  The above prices do not include shipping.