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Most Wanted Suspects


Name:  Jorge Sanchez
Hispanic Male, 510, 240lbs
DOB:  01/02/1978
First Degree Murder

Larry Williams

Name:  Larry Williams
Black Male, 601,170lbs
DOB: 12/18/1972
Failure to report address as sex offender

Gabriel Yanez
Name:  Gabriel Yanez
Hispanic Male, 505, 165lbs
DOB:  03/27/1988

Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill

Bernabe Rodriguez
Name:  Bernabe Puebla Rodriguez
Hispanic Male, 506, 180
DOB:  06/11/1967


Johnny Benton Jr.

Name:  Johnny Vance Benton Jr.
White Male, 601, 200lbs
DOB:  11/02/1988

PWISD Heroin
Jessica Soucy

Name:  Jessica Soucy
White Female, 503, 120lbs
DOB:  12/29/1988

Felony Larceny of Motor Vehicle

Richard Barefoot

Name:  Richard Jerome Barefoot
White Male, 506, 130lbs
DOB:  11/04/1990

Felony Larceny

If you know where any of these subjects can be located, please contact us at 252-459-4121.  You can remain anonymous.